Inspired by adventurous refurbishment, we’ve got some great ideas on how to upgrade the area below deck in Karuna. The furnishings that are there today are quite worn, and we may also want a slightly different design in order to be able to make better use of the space.

Make it our own

We are quite concerned with making Karuna “our own”. Everything is working just fine the way it is today, but we would like to add a more personal touch on both the colors and the décor. Karuna is a medium-sized boat with regards to the Colin Archer’s context, and with its 40 feet, we think that the décor that is there now is a bit clumsy and impractical.


We have spent much of the autumn and the first part of the winter discussing and planning how to solve the small challenges we face. We can’t get away from the fact that some parts have to be moved to get it the way we want it. We would like a slightly larger bathroom with a new toilet and a good shower solution. Sleeping quarters with a double bed are also on the list, today there are three single beds in the sleeping quarters. Many sketches have been discarded, and those that we chose to retain must be turned into something along the way.

We have already started, and there is no turning back now. Bulkheads and other parts have been torn out, Finn has started with the paintbrush to get all the yellowed paint white and neat again.