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Some dream of sailing over the Atlantic, to the Caribbean, or maybe to the Mediterranean Sea, Greek islands, the Adriatic Sea. Others want to travel as far north as possible, to see polar bears and icy mountains. There are countless dreams, and they are all different. But they share one thing in common, the desire to experience beautiful nature, – a small dose of thrill and adrenaline maybe – at least if all goes well in the end.

We have experienced a lot of fun and excitement, beautiful and spectacular scenery, as we traveled full-time in motorhomes. Many ask us where our next adventure with Karuna will be – maybe south, west or maybe even north? Well, we really thought that we should go to Viksfjord – and Svenner… yes, because there is hardly anywhere as beautiful as those places?

And excitement can be found on the trip from Larvik to Svenner as well. You don’t have to go that far to get an increase in adrenaline and stress levels beyond what is comfortable. We sailed so nice and quietly out of Larviksfjorden when the wind suddenly increased from 4-12 m/sec,- we found ourself with an involuntary jib (we should of course used the preventer). The result was burns on the hands, the splice’s block got stuck and the rudder got locked, we had to work hard to turn the ship, get the sails down and continue our journey. But as always, – we learned something from this and all went well. Using gloves are smart, – sailing with the wind from behand can be difficult, as well as a couple of other things. Lesson learned!

But we made it to beautiful Svenner Lighthouse in a wonderful autumn weather. The colors glowed in the evening sun, there was a sparkle in the water, autumn leaves in crackling warm hues, and lobster fishermen seeking the cardinal of the sea. This time we brought the dinghy so that we could get around and in between all the little coves, islets and shards where we couldn’t go with Karuna. Crystal-clear water with thousands of jellyfish and small fish was one of the things we saw along the way on our dinghy trip. Afterwards, we climbed the mountain crunches and enjoyed the beautiful view.

The adventure, the excitement and the great nature can be close by.

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