«Karuna» was built over a period of 10 years by Odd Sten Ellingsen on Skjæløy Norway, and first launched in 1998, and the boat is built according to Colin Archer’s drawings «Cruiser to Copenhagen» from 1902.

The boat was sold to Kjell Oscar Backer in 2006, and when Kjell Oscar took over the boat she was lacquered and ketch-rigged. While the boat was owned by Kjell Oscar, many changes were made. Karuna was painted white, and the rig was changed to what according to the drawings is original for a Cruiser to Copenhagen, with a total sailing area of approx. 86 m2.

The cockpit was quite narrow with a mast placed there, so removing this mast did wonders in terms of getting a more functional cockpit. Kjell Oscar also made many other changes, including decor. We will come back with more info about this.

After owning the boat for 8 years, Kjell Oscar sold the boat on to Andrew? Karuna was sailed to Trondheim where she was laid on the river Nidelven. Unfortunately, things did not go quite according to plan with Karuna and Andrew, and after two and a half years where she was out in the winter without any kind of cover, the decay was clear. Andrew understood that he did not have the opportunity to spend enough time on Karuna, and she was again put up for sale.

Again, the coincidences led to Karuna returning to Vestfold. Ola Gaupset and Jørn Jul-Larsen from Tønsberg had previously become aware of Karuna when she was sold to Andrew, and when the boat was put up for sale again, they bought her. Karuna was now in a completely different condition than just two and a half years ago, and a comprehensive renovation was started.

August 4, 2021 we bought Karuna from Ola and Jørn. She gets a new home port, Skottebrygga in Larvik, just a few meters from Colin Archer’s birthplace and berth. Karuna is refurbished and beautiful, but some work must be done with a rig and some of the equipment on board. The old manual anchor winch is replaced with a new electric one, much of the rope is replaced, etc. In the main, only simple but necessary repairs are made. Karuna also did not have any system for reefing, so this has being fitted. Since Karuna’s new home port is Skottebrygga, there is a lot of expertise around us, which is very practical, and which we greatly appreciate.
Next winter, ie 2021/22, a number of conversions are planned under deck to make the boat even more functional as a leisure boat.
More info to come ……

Some techincal data:

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